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Working Together in Group Therapy





















Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only one who experiences anxiety that makes it impossible for you to do the things you want?  Or is your depression leaving you lonely, sad and unable to fit in?  Do you experience rage that is out of proportion to things that provoke you, and feel like no one else could possibly feel the same way?  Are you still afraid to leave your home because of that traumatic event you thought you could forget?


Solutions West offers groups that include people who are struggling with the same issues that make you feel so alone. Group therapy provides a safe setting for personal interaction with others.  In this environment, group members discuss their problems honestly and give each other feedback and positive reinforcement.  Hearing that others know and understand your fears and want to live life without those fears creates a sense of comraderie. In turn, you’ll become a source of support to other group members. Your counselor facilitates a therapeutic environment where all can participate and benefit.


Clients often choose group therapy as a way to begin treatment because they find it less intimidating than individual therapy. They often decide to choose one-on-one sessions as they become more comfortable, gain clarity about their issues and their desire to work on change.  Group therapy can supplement individual therapy, or sometimes even replace the one-on-one sessions. 


At Solutions West, groups provide a setting in which you can learn to identify, understand and express your feelings accurately to others. Led by a trained, qualified therapist, you are encouraged to share your thoughts openly, but at your pace. Group therapy can provide a sense of community that greatly enhances the psychological healing process.

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