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2500 Baldwick Road, Suite 280Pittsburgh, PA 15205Call: 412.922.4300 | Email: info@solutionswest.org | Fax: 412.922.4301

Our Team

We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional staff. Our therapists are certified at the state and national levels. We regularly attend trainings, seminars and conferences to ensure that our licenses and certifications, as well as our knowledge of the most effective treatment methods, are up-to-date.  At Solutions West, we are firmly committed to providing you with the best treatment possible.

Carole A. McKelvey, M.S.

President and Owner


Carole has worked in the behavioral health field for over 25 years as a therapist and administrator. She has been recognized on the state and national levels for her work.  In addition to experience in program development and operations, Carole has worked as an adjunct professor, presented at local, state and national conferences and provides consulting services to providers across the state.  Carole holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master's degree from California University of Pennsylvania.  She is responsible for the overall operation of Solutions West, LLC.

Carlos Placci, M.D.

Consulting Psychiatrist


Dr. Placci has more than 40 years of expertise as a psychiatrist and has experience working with a wide variety of behavioral issues including mood disorders, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, substance abuse and anger management.  His role to provide psychiatric support to clients who are actively engaged in therapy at Solutions West. 



Nicole Hixenbaugh, LPC, CTT



Nicole received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and her Master's Degree from Waynesburg University. She earned her certification in Trauma Therapy and has worked extensively with adults who suffer from PTSD, anxiety and other related disorders.  Nicole varies therapeutic approach to adjust to the needs of her clients.  She utilizes interventions such as Internal Family Systems, CBT, Client Centered and Art Therapy Techniques.

April Condemi, LPC, CTT



April received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Chatham University, as well as her Master’s degree in counseling psychology.  April has experience in working with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly population struggling with addiction and mental health issues.  She is varies her clinical techniques based on her client's needs.  Some examples of the therapy that is utilized in April's sessions are person-centered, solution focused, CBT, and an Adlerian approach.


Lauren K. Laich, LPC



Lauren's greatest reward is helping clients explore ways they can change their lives, allowing them to feel hopeful about their futures.  She has worked with many individuals struggling with different issues and concerns over the years.  She works from a person-centered perspective, allowing her clients to determine the pace and direction of therapy.  She has extensive experience working with those suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, trauma and self-esteem issues.  She utilizes CBT, DBT and motivational interviewing depending on the needs of the individual.

Rachel Ehrhardt, LPC



Rachel earned her Bachelor's degree from Slippery Rock University and went on to Chatham University for her Master's degree.  She is very proud to have worked for ten years at the Allegheny County Jail helping addicted inmates change their lives.  She is well versed in challenging crminal thinking, respects people where they are in the stages of change and believes in a non-confrontational approach to therapy.  She thinks that self-care is most important for a balanced lifestyle and in the power of being assertive and setting boundaries for self as well as others.  She uses Solution Focused Therapy, CBT, DBT, Assertion Training, Anger Management and Motivational Interviewing.   She's been inspired by the work of Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama, Ayn Rand and Master Yoda.




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