2500 Baldwick Road, Suite 280 Pittsburgh, PA 15205 Call: 412.922.4300 | Email: info@solutionswest.org | Fax: 412.922.4301
2500 Baldwick Road, Suite 280 Pittsburgh, PA 15205Call: 412.922.4300 | Email: info@solutionswest.org | Fax: 412.922.4301

About Us

Solutions West, LLC was founded in 2012, by Carole McKelvey, with the vision of providing available access to help individuals grow/heal in a respectful and caring environment. She understood that help should not be limited to 9:00am to 5:00pm. Throughout the years, she knew it was important to have therapists who had a variety of backgrounds rather than just a "one size fits all" and wanted to create an environment where individuals felt comfortable and welcomed.


In May 2021, Nicole Hixenbaugh transitioned to being the owner of Solutions West, LLC. Nicole started at practice in 2013 as an intern and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2016. She continues to expand the previous vision and incorporates a trauma-focused approach as the demand for help in the area grows. She understands the support needed to offer to each other during this time and wants to provide a supportive environment at the practice to other clinicians.

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